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Crime Stoppers is a voluntary program. It works as a partnership between the community, media and police with a mandate to “work together to solve and prevent crime”.

Police can’t solve every crime on their own. They rely on members of the community to report suspicious or unusual events. Crime Stoppers exists to provide a confidential link between the community and the police.

You can play a critical role in the fight against crime in the community. And you can report ANONYMOUSLY.

Crime Stoppers relies on people like you to be the eyes and ears in our community.

Thanks to public assistance via Crime Stoppers, many offenders have been identified and prosecuted in the ACT. Information can be provided confidentially to Crime Stoppers – so if the people of Canberra see something or know something, they are urged to say something!

Crime Stoppers is a way for you to provide police with information about unsolved crimes or crimes the police may not yet know about. Telephone and email reports to Crime Stoppers can be completely confidential.

Crime Stoppers operates across Australia. It is a community based, not-for-profit organisation, managed in each Australian state and territory by a voluntary Board of Directors. The ACT Board collaborates with other Crime Stoppers jurisdictions around the country and also assists in national Crime Stoppers initiatives.

We work closely with the ACT Police to provide valuable information from the public, to help solve or prevent criminal activity.

“Crime Stoppers has a unique role in providing the Australian community with an anonymous mechanism for reporting crime information. The information provided to us could be the missing piece of the puzzle the police need to solve a crime or to make an arrest. Something that may appear small or insignificant could prove vital to an investigation,” says Diana Forrester, newly appointed Chair of Crime Stoppers ACT.

Our former Chairman, Bryan Roach, has been appointed President of Crime Stoppers International in October 2016. Mr Roach has been an outstanding Chairman of Crime Stoppers Australia for the past five years, and Chairman of Crime Stoppers ACT for the past 10 years. While giving up his position as Chairman, he will remain on these Boards and will continue to help strengthen Crime Stoppers across the nation.

The active use of Facebook and Twitter is enabling ACT Policing and Crime Stoppers to communicate immediately, through live forums, with people in the Canberra area – it encourages the community to contact Crime Stoppers to report crime related information.

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