Why should I call Crime Stoppers?

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Most people who contact us want to see justice done and to help make their community safer. They want to see criminals arrested and charged, in the hope of reducing repeat offences.

You may want to help protect your family, friends, community or own property. You may be in a situation where you have valuable information which could help another person get justice, or you may feel it’s the right thing to do.

Your information may lead to arrest, and you could be rewarded up to $1000.

Thousands of people contact Crime Stoppers each year.   In Canberra, ACT Policing provides monthly reports to the Crime Stoppers ACT Board of Management on the results of the information the public has supplied to Crime Stoppers.  Police advise on the numbers of arrests, charges they have laid, how much stolen property has been recovered or the value of illegal drugs, which have been seized.

Crime Stoppers welcomes all crime information, no matter what has prompted you to make contact.

Some commonly asked questions include:

What information does Crime Stoppers need?
When do I call Crime Stoppers?
Will I be rewarded?