What information does Crime Stoppers need?

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Crime Stoppers looks for any information that could assist in a police investigation. This could include information on assault, armed robbery, burglary, car theft, drug production and distribution, extortion and blackmail, firearms offences, rape, sexual assault…The complete alphabet of crimes can be shared with Crime Stoppers so long as you have some details that will help a police investigation.

It is important to try to gather and recall as much information as possible. These details may include:

  • What crime type does your information relate to? For example, drugs, assault, theft, traffic, etc
  • Who is committing the crime? The name, address and other contact details of the person or people committing the crime
  • What do they look like? The physical description of the person or people committing the crime
  • What sort of vehicle do they drive? The description and unusual features of any vehicles involved in the crime
  • Any other details? What, where, when, how and why the crime is happening.

When you call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, a specially trained professional interviewer will record the details and ask you for as much information as you can remember about the crime. Every piece of information is important and it is taken seriously. Crime Stoppers allows you to provide information about criminal activity to the police without being directly involved in the investigation process.

Some commonly asked questions include:
When do I call Crime Stoppers?
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