Crime Stoppers ACT

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Crime Stoppers ACT is a partnership between the community, media and police. Crime Stoppers is a program designed to assist in the detection and reduction of crime in our community. Together, our mandate is to “Work together to solve and prevent crime”.

Crime Stoppers is a highly successful organisation and relies on you being the eyes and ears in our community. We follow the motto “See something, Hear something, Say something.”

Crime Stoppers is a way for you to provide police with information about unsolved crimes or crimes that the police may not yet be aware of. Crime Stoppers operates in all States and Territories of Australia. All of the information goes to a specific police unit and is actioned from there.

Crime Stoppers is a community based, not-for-profit organisation, which is run in each state by a board of directors.  The board strives to support local groups and to assist in national marketing initiative. Crime Stoppers globally has over 1000 programs and operates in over 18 countries.